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Mounting Solutions

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Glue and Adhesive Mounting

Keep Your Project On Time and Flawless 

Rose Layman Laminating & Mounting provides mounting solutions for a wide range of materials and sizes.  

Our wet (glue) and dry (adhesive film or tape) mounting help your creative solutions come to life. From displays to packaging, no one provides greater attention to detail and efficiency than Rose Layman. 

We offer many diverse types of mounting, and we mount a wide range of materials to ensure that we can meet the needs of your business.  

Rose Layman Laminating & Mounting expertly uses wet glue mounting and pressure-sensitive adhesive tape mounting of paper-to-paper, paper and/or vinyl to corrugate, foam board, gator board, Sintra board, coroplast, magnet, window adhesive, suction cup mounting, tape, Velcro and even canvas to ensure that your graphics can perform in any environment and use. 


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What are the Types of Mounting? 

Rose Layman Laminating & Mounting offers several distinct types of mounting services. Many business owners do not know what type of mounting is right for their products. Below are the four main types of mounting services that Rose Layman offers your business

Full Sheet and Spot Mounting 

For full-sheet mounting, we mount a printed sheet flush to the edges of the substrate. This way, the cutter can use the gripper or guide on the printed sheet as registration for final trimming. This is true whether using guillotine trimming or die cutting.  

Spot mounting is like full sheet mounting. The only difference is we mount a print within a certain spot on a substrate.

Second Surface Mounting 

Second Surface mounting is a mounting technique where an optically clear adhesive is applied to the face of the print, then a clear substrate (typically acrylic) is mounted on top of it. 

On the final product, you will look through the acrylic to see the print or image. Usually used for high-end displays, this process is more expensive and can be done for a variety of print sizes and acrylic thicknesses. 

Liquid Adhesive (Glue) Mounting 

Liquid adhesive mounting is a type of mounting that uses wet glue as the adhesive. Liquid mounting is best used when the substrate and sheet to be mounted are both paper products (for example: a litho label to corrugate, litho to foam-core, litho to 50pt, or even paper to paper). 

Sheets can be mounted on one or both sides of the substrate. We can mount sheets as small as 8.5”x11” and as large as 58”x96".  

Dry (Adhesive or Tape) Mounting 

Dry mounting uses a pressure-sensitive adhesive with a liner that can be adhered and mounted to substrates that wet adhesive will not stick to which include plastic substrates (styrene, vinyl, PVC, coroplast, plastic cap foam core), rubber, magnet, canvas, and metal. Window adhesive, labels for bottles, indoor and outdoor adhesives, and specialty adhesives can all be used to put your printed advertising. We can dry mount sizes ranging from 6” to 60” wide and any length. 

Mounting Solutions You Can Count on From Rose Layman Laminating & Mounting 

Your laminating and mounting solutions do not have to be complicated.  Rose Layman Laminating & Mounting makes things simple to ensure that your prints, graphics, and displays are kept protected and vibrant.


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