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Laminate Advertising Solutions

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Protect your Advertising and your Budget with Rose Layman's Lamination 

Rose Layman Laminating & Mounting offers superior laminating services that protect your large and small advertising and graphic investments from moisture, contaminants, UV damage, and general wear & tear. Our laminating services are backed by over 40 years of reliable service and consistency.  

We offer all types of laminating for offset and digital prints, including thermal and pressure sensitive applications. Film finishes include gloss, matte, soft touch, dry erase, textured, scratch and scuff-resistant, glueable/stampable/printable, colored, metallic, and custom lamination to fit your business’s unique needs.  

Our laminating services help you tackle a wide range of advertisement and product applications that enhance the appearance and appeal of your printed materials. We laminate many different substrates including all thicknesses of paper, vinyl, styrene, PVC, cardstock, foamboard, and more at prices that help you stay competitive and extend your advertising dollars.  

For pieces ranging from 1 inch to 60 inches wide and virtually any length, we laminate it all. Fliers, brochures, posters, displays, window banners, and more can all be laminated with superior quality and competitive pricing at Rose Layman Laminating & Mounting.  

What are the Two Types of Laminating? 

Every product is unique. Because of that, if you want to laminate printed materials, you will need an approach that is safe for each medium, whether you are laminating paper, plastic or photographs.  

There are two types of laminating that Rose Layman Laminating & Mounting uses: Thermal Film Lamination, and Pressure Sensitive Lamination. 

Thermal Film Lamination

In thermal film lamination, the film is activated by heat. This type of lamination can only be used on paper substrates, as any type of plastic cannot stand up to the heating process.  

With thermal film lamination, the most common finishes are gloss or matte, but these are just the start of the options that are available.  

Many distinct types of films can be applied during thermal laminating including glueable films often used for products preparing to be made into boxes for displays and packaging, foil stampable films, scratch resistant films, UV inhibited films, layflat films, dry erase films, and anti-microbial films for environments requiring microbe protection. 

Thermal Film thicknesses are generally 1.2 mil, 1.7 mil, 3 mil, 5 mil and 10 mil. 
Each mil is a point. Any thickness can applied to 1 or 2 sides. 

We laminate anything from business card size up to 60”width and to any length with thermal film. 

Pressure-Sensitive Lamination

Pressure-sensitive lamination is used when printed substances cannot be exposed to heat because of the substrates or ink used. For example, styrene, vinyl, acrylic, and PVC materials, and silk screen printing inks all must use pressure-sensitive lamination. 
In this form of lamination, pressure, rather than heat, is used to adhere a film to the substrate.  

Types of pressure-sensitive films include floor graphic films, vinyl, polyester, dry erase, foils, holographic, barrier films, and outdoor films. 

Finishes for pressure-sensitive lamination include gloss, matte, scratch-resistant, soft touch, colored, textured, and reflective.  

Most pressure-sensitive films come 54” - 60” in width. We can slit in line to whatever is needed. We can laminate up to 60” wide and almost any length with pressure-sensitive film. 

Pressure-sensitive films can be applied on one side or both sides. We ask for at least 1/2” on all 4 outside edges for gripper/guide space (more space is even better on larger sheets). The film will go past the image area but not hang off the edge so that there is nothing to impede good registration at final trimming.

two people laminating and peeling

Finish Strong with Rose Layman Laminating & Mounting 

Rose Layman Laminating & Mounting is here for all your lamination needs. We offer two distinct types of laminations to ensure that your printed product is safe whether you are printing digital, offset, on paper, vinyl, or any other type of material.

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